The first Escape Room in Westchester, NY!

1. What is the general concept? How does this work?

A: We have 2 different themes. For each game session, you will be locked in one of the rooms with your teammates. You need to work together as a team and try to find and solve all the puzzles and riddles within 60 minutes to escape the room.

2. How long does the game last? Does it start when everybody is here?

A: The time limit for each session is 60 min, you must escape within 60 min. Each session has a fixed schedule (check the "Book A Room" section). Please plan to arrive 15 minutes earlier than your session starting time so you are able to join the game on time. You might be mixed with other participants if the number of your group does not meet the room capacity. ALL participants will enter at the scheduled time. Late participants will not be allowed to enter the game when the rest of the group has already started.

3. Are we allowed to bring our bags, cellphones or cameras inside?

A: There is limited storage space at the waiting area. You can bring your cellphones but taking photos is NOT allowed in the room. We reserved the right to ask you to delete the photos if any were taken. Please bring your valuable belongings with you, we are not responsible for any lost and stolen valuables.

4. What do we need to pay attention when in the rooms?

A: Please follow all rules give by the game master as well as all posted rules. Please DO NOT lift or move any heavy furniture. NO clues will be hidden under the heavy furniture. DO NOT plug or unplug anything, some puzzles might be disabled and you cannot get out. Please handle props and all items with care. No violence needed to solve any puzzles in the game. There will be a charge for damages to any item or furniture in order to replace the item.

5. Is there anybody helping us if we feel stuck? What if an emergency happens inside the room?

A: There is surveillance equipment in the rooms and one of our staffers will be watching the entire time during the session. There is a maximum number of hints you can ask according to the difficulty level of the room. You will be equipped with a Walkie-Talkie in order to communicate with our staff or ask for help in the case of an emergency.

6. Is there any bloody or haunted things in the room? What is your age requirement? Any discounts for teenagers?

A: There is no bloody or haunted things in the room. Our age limit is 8 and up. The prices for teenager are the same as for adults. There MUST be at least one adult (21 years old or older) in a room during each session. This can not be one of our staff members or other players that are not apart of your group. By the say Gamer's Challenge is a great room for birthday parties. 

7. Are we allowed to eat or drink in the room?

A: To protect our props and ensure the following appointments, food and drinks are only allowed at the waiting area. Smoking or alcoholic drinks are NOT allowed at any place in our facility. We reserve the right to not serve people under influence of alcohol.

8. I booked a private party for 8, but only 6 showed up. Can we have a partial refund for those 2 people or can they schedule a future session?

A: No. The price of a private room is fixed, not associated with the number of people showed up eventually. When you book the whole room for a session at a discounted price, others will not be able to book the same session. There will be no refund, or credit assigned for a future appointment.

9. Are we allowed to reschedule or cancel an appointment?

A: If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, we require at least 24 hours notice. Refunds will not be granted

10. How do I redeem my Groupon?

A: Click Book A Room. Then click on Promotions at the top right, enter your Groupon voucher number.  Enter the number of participants (you must enter the right number of participant according to the voucher you purchased), select the room you would like to play and the date. Click Book, enter your contact information, read and accept the "Terms & Conditions" and click next your all set! An email confirmation will be sent to the email you provided within 10 minutes of booking. 

11. Will I be paired with other players?

A: If you do not book a private game (booking the entire room) you maybe paired with other players. Each room can hold 8 players max. 

12. What if I want to add more people to my rooms?

A: Give us a call we can comfortably put in 10 people in each room but no more. We would need to know this before you booking. 

13. Can I use my Groupon for a birthday party rental?

A: Unfortunately no we can not accept a Groupon in conjunction with a birthday party rental. 

14. How much does it cost to rent out your main room for food privately? 

A. $100 per hour email us if you would like to rent out space at

15. How long do I have to redeem my or rescheduled a missed game?

A: All gift vouchers are given a 1 year expiration date. If you are granted a reschedule for a missed game, you must give 24 hours notice for the date you would like to play and it must be within 1 year of your original purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions